Circuit Breakers

SBI have a huge range of new and used circuit breakers and main switches in stock ready for sale and dispatch. Circuit Breakers and Switches in stock consist of well known brands like Heinemann, Cutler Hammer, NHP, Merlin Gerin, Terasaki, Mitsubishi, Moeller, Westinghouse, ABB and many more.

Whatever you require for your new installation, need for modifications or upgrading existing installations we can supply for you. Call us today to see if we can help you out!


SBI have a wide range of switchboard chasis in stock or can be sourced for you for whatever installation you require. We hold many types, brands and sizes in stock both new and used at very competitive prices.

Call us today for pricing on our chasis range!


Busbar components have been manufactured by our competent team of electrical fitters here in our workshop to fit almost every situation and size you would require. SBI stock a wide range of standard busbar components complete with bolts, nuts washers and spring washers.

Whatever you require our staff can bend up any size and type of bar to your specifications at very competitive prices. Call us today for pricing on our standard Busbar components or a quotation on any custom busbar you require!

Metering Panels

SBI have completed designs for both remote metering panels and group metering panels which are very popular in the industry for being exactly what is required and for the right price. These designs conform to all Supply Authority requirements and regulations which ensures your installation will run smoothly.

These Metering Panels have been designed to be utilized many situations and environments making them an ideal solutions for your installation. Call us today to provide you with a quotation on whatever Metering Panels you require!

Hat Sections

As with most Switchboard installations there is a requirement for mechanical protection of the cabling running externally of the switchboard. The ideal solution for this which is quick, cheap and easy to install is Hat Sections. SBI can provide standard colourbond white hat sections in standard widths and lengths as we hold a wide range and quatity in stock.

For all of those other areas that our standard range will not quite work or there are complex covers required, SBI can provide you with custom hat sections manufactured to your design and made from whatever material you require.

Call us today to find out our sizing and pricing for our standard range of colourbond hat section range or send us your design for a quotation and timeframe for all custom hat sections!