The most flexible switchboard on the market

SBI has spent years developing our “Innoflex” range of Switchboards which has been designed with both the Client and Contractor in mind. We have patented our design as we believe it save everyone time and money. By incorporating our patented rail system the “Innoflex” range of switchboards becomes the most flexible switchboard on the market today being able to be easily modified. This rail system ensures that any brand and style of components can be used in these boards with minimal changes and if required upgrading existing components in these boards becomes a breeze.

Fast Turnaround

Another huge advantage which we found has been a downfall in the Switchboard Industry was the timeframe of manufacture and delivery of switchboards. To combat this problem we have standard designs which can be manufactured in good time and we also hold a large stock of standard boards at our office ready to be fitted out. By adopting these techniques we can supply our “Innoflex” range of switchboards to our customers in a greatly reduced timeframe compared to other switchboard builders.

  • The 4 types of boards we have are pictured below including:
  • Type “O” board which is used for small installations and group metering panels.
  • Our Type “1” boards are a dual cubicle model with Main Switch, Metering and Chasis compartments
  • The Type “2” “Innoflex” board is basically the same as a Type “1” with the addition of a cable zone in between cubicles.
  • Type “3” boards are the largest of our “Innoflex” range with similar cubicles to the Type “1” & “2” boards but the Type 3 has been designed for a busbar system where the supply is over 800amps. This Busbar system and components have been type tested and the most common size is our 1250amp board.

Our “Innoflex” range of switchboards with their flexibility and fast delivery make SBI very popular with contractors in the Electrical Industry. Call us today for a quotation on our “Innoflex” range!