Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety

Switchboard Innovation’s company objectives are to provide quality product to our clients while providing a safe working environment for all of our staff and visitors.

Quality Products

Our stringent quality standards are maintained by ensuring staff are suitably trained in all facets of the production lifecycle. Internal quality processes, in conjunction with industry best practice techniques, ensures Switchboard Innovations delivers a top quality product and service to our clients.

Safety Commitment

Switchboard Innovations safety system is of a very high standard with workshop safety the number 1 priority for all staff and management. Our Lost Time Industry Frequency Rates and Lost Time Industry Severity Rates are amongst the best in the industry with currently no Lost Time Injuries since the commencement of the company in November 2005.


Switchboard Innovations can now offer their very own Type Tested Busbar cleat system, which has been tested to 2200A and 63kA for 1 second. This ensures customers confidence that their Switchboard is built with the upmost quality and reliability.